The Wow Signal It Is Not The Signal Youre Looking For

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Technically, the signal is just that, a signal: a flash of radio energy blipped towards Earth from space. Except this is where it gets really interesting. The strength and shape of the signal are consistent with an extraterrestrial transmission.

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The "Wow!" signal still hasn’t been adequately explained, although various theories have been proposed over the years. It was probably caused by some radio-amateur having a laugh.

Whatever it was, it so startled jerry ehman, the volunteer who was monitoring the Big Ear when the signal came in, that he scrawled "Wow!

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“But the signal isn't bright enough or rapid enough to be a good fit to the. signal, but that won't stop SETI researchers from continuing to look.

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He circled the sequence and wrote ‘Wow!’ in the margin of the readout. The signal seemed to be exactly what Ehman had been looking for. Two of his colleagues examined the data and were equally amazed. Each digit on the printout represented the intensity of a radio signal, with intensities over nine being represented by letters.

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