Travelling to a President Trump America

President Trump: What does it mean for British holidaymakers travelling to America? Whether you’re a US regular wondering how recent events will affect your annual plans – or a first timer.

President Donald J. Trump strengthens security standards For Traveling to America. The Obama Administration began implementing these policies in 2016, and later expanded these provisions to include certain individuals who had visited Libya, Somalia, or Yemen.

2017-07-12  · U.S. President Donald Trump is traveling to France Wednesday evening to meet new French President Emmanuel Macron and to celebrate Bastille Day. The two leaders are expected to discuss issues like counter-terrorism and the war in Syria,

The relentlessness and predictability of Donald Trump’s assaults on women is the focus of All The President’s Women: Donald.

President Trump’s frequent weekend visits to his Mar-a-Lago in Florida cost taxpayers $3 million a pop, and President Trump outspent two years of President Obama’s in travel expenses in less than three months.

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Help continue our promise to Make America Great Again!

“If you’re resilient and you own your mistakes, there’s second acts in America,” he told V.F.’s Gabriel Sherman in a.

Help continue our promise to Make America Great Again!

President Trump is working hard to implement his America First’ platform, continuing his promise to the American people to lower taxes, repeal and replace Obamacare, end stifling regulations, protect our borders, keep jobs in our country, take care of our veterans, strengthen our military and law enforcement, and renegotiate bad trade.

This is a list of international presidential trips made by Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States. Donald Trump has made 15 international trips to 22 countries since he assumed the presidency on January 20, 2017. The number of visits per country where he traveled are: One visit to: Argentina, Canada, China, Finland, Iraq, Israel, North Korea, Philippines, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Switzerland, Vatican City and the West Bank. Two visits to: Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy,

President Donald Trump lashed out at “Never Trumper” Republicans on Wednesday amidst a metastasizing impeachment inquiry,

William Taylor’s congressional testimony confirmed that a “deep state” indeed exists, working against America’s interests.

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